Published: 11. 10. 2016 in News and events

Branislav Vujović, founder and president of NFG at the 25th Annual Manager’s Congress in Slovenia: “We understand the region!”

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On 29th and 30th of September 2016 the 25th Management Congress organized by the Managers’ Association of Slovenia traditionally took place at Slovenian coastal town Bernardin. More than 300 top managers visited the most respected gathering by Slovenian managers and the media. Under the slogan “New dimensions of business” event joined several domestic and international experts, among them also our very own, Mr. Vujovic, who presented the path of digital transformation within the organization and its talent.

The topics for the Congress discussion included the digital transformation of business, changing business models and organizational change. Speakers included top corporate officials such as Petrol CEO Tomaž Berločnik, Siemens Slovenia director Medeja Lončar, Aleksander Zalaznik, Senior Vice President Danfoss Commercial Controls and President of the Managers Association of Slovenia, Dejan Turk, President of Si.mobil & Vip mobile and Andrej Božič, the general manager of the glassworks Steklarna Hrastnik, who received the Manager of the Year award.

There were also representatives of start-ups and consultants as Rudy de Waele, futurist and digital strategist and Silvija Seres, expert for digital transformation.

 “We are only 10 years old, but we are the 1st company in the CEE region, working with the biggest companies”, said Branislav Vujovic and emphasized, “We do believe that we understand the region”. While presenting NFG’s digital expertise in the fields of Financial services, Manufacturing, Utility and Telecom Services, he pointed out the need of producing information from data, which should be transparent, low cost and personal.

Within the question How to transform, Mr. Vujovic explained “It is always the strategy not technology”, where the immediate resolution is the most important. “We live in a culture of instant fulfillment, where expectations are set by immediacy of mobile and social media. Customers will gladly adopt new technologies and serve themselves if that means they can avoid waiting. From the organization’s point of view this means the change of the business model, ecosystem and culture, where no to miss the talents in organization. “In 1975 Kodak engineer Steven Sasson made the first digital camera, Kodak created digital division,” said Mr. Vujovic, but the top management did not take it seriously and an opportunity became a threat! 

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