Published: 16. 9. 2016 in News and events

Serbia’s Position in the Process of Digital Disruption and Innovation

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Branislav Vujović participated in the discussion on the topic "Digitization of the Board" whose aim was to respond to all the topical issues related to digital transformation of business.

The company Amrop gathered about 50 guests at Falkensteiner hotel in Belgrade, mostly General Managers and Board Members of large companies from Serbia who had the opportunity to hear the opinions of eminent experts in the field of digitization and, by talking to them, see where Serbia is today in the process of digital disruption and innovation.

Participants in the discussion were Branislav Vujović, president of the New Frontier Group; Milos Đurković, General Manager of Hewlett Packard Serbia, Ivan Knežević, Deputy CEO of Siemens Serbia, Vladan Živanović, General Manager of NCR Serbia; and Marko Mlakar, Director of Amrop.

Among those present were representatives of banks, construction companies, IT companies, real estate industry, insurance companies, the fashion industry... Topics discussed were: What does digitalization mean for business today? Where are the companies in Serbia in the process of digital transformation in comparison with companies in Europe and the USA? How does digitization process within companies depend on digital competences of the board members? What do board members need to do to adapt to the digitalization trend that cannot be avoided? Are the board members ready for the third (fourth) industrial revolution? What is the digitization process caused by? What consequences can we expect if we do not face this process and do not adapt to it on time?

The idea of ​​the meeting was to discuss one global and topical issue at the local level, and the visitors of the event found out what digitization process looks like in Serbia’s companies, at which pace we are progressing in the process of digital transformation, as well as how important is the role of leading people in companiesin this process.

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