Do you always know what your client wants?

Selecta and Filip travel

Do you always know what your client wants?

Selecta and Filip travel

Selecta & Filip travel - Case Study

Do you feel like you missed many sales opportunities even before you tried to realize them? It is not a rare case that despite the large capacity for processing requests, in addition to quality offers, figures productivity and efficiency say otherwise. Also, you have very hard-working employees, who perform many operations at the same time, and the clients are still there in the waiting line and slowly thinking that you are not exactly the right choice for them. Who are your clients and what do they prefer? You can hardly judge at any time, especially if you don’t have quality data to offer them promptly something that is currently in their focus and thus gain a loyal user. And the data is everywhere, it just needs to be interpreted.

Nenad Matijasevic, Account Manager, Saga New Frontier Group
"We didn't want to just react responsibly to the client's request, we wanted to listen and understand the essence of the problem, to offer what the client really needs and what solves the problem to them”.

Filip travel

Filip Travel, one of the largest tourism companies in Serbia is constantly working to improve its business, and its focus is certainly on customer satisfaction and loyalty. By analyzing the possibilities for additional improvements turned out to be difficult to measure the results of marketing campaigns, not primarily possible to segment customers, which is the key to providing this type of service. At the same time, overload sales agents, who also processed requests by telephone, were an additional challenge, since today customers do not want to wait for the operator for more than 1 minute. In the end, not enough the use of customer data that the agency has historically possessed and their structuring, pointed out to a handful of new business opportunities, precisely related to the satisfaction of existing customers. Selecta, the new generation CRM, is a modular platform that reduces the time necessary for the successful closure of the sales process, increases the efficiency of organizational processes and encourages sales activities.

Selecta in Filip Travel
User Dashboard
Allows the agent a quick overview of performance, sales opportunities (number and successfully closed sales opportunities, sales funnel, etc.), upcoming tasks, notifications, etc. In addition to monitoring your own results, depending on the privileges that the user has, it is possible to see the achievements and rankings of other employees.

360°Customer View
This is one of the most important components of the system, which provides the ability to quickly see the history of clients’ actions, favorite type of travel, transportation, what price range they belong to, which category they belong to the term of booking the arrangement and the like. For example, thanks to comprehensive integration, it is now it is possible to create personalized campaigns because the client’s affinities are recognized.

Integration with contact center
Integration with the contact center was one of the highly positioned priorities, as a large number of clients gave up as a result of the inability of sales agents to respond well to any inquiry within an adequate timeframe. Now automatically loads the client’s 360 ° profile, if it exists in the database, and the conversation does not start “from scratch”, which directly affects raising customer loyalty.

Notification System
Among other things, they have improved the internal communications of their employees in this way. Except for the manual sending notifications and internal information, the application also supports sending automatic notifications. For example, if an employee is assigned a sales opportunity, they will receive a notification with the customer’s name for when this sales opportunity is related to other details as well.

Task Management
For the good organization to be complete, task management is an indispensable component, which allows application users to have an insight into the status of the task at any time, to assign new one’s tasks to Selecta users and automatically get priority over tasks depending on the status of the task; for example, call a client, send an email, etc.

Lead Management
It is part of the operational CRM system and provides support in the distribution of information that qualifies as sales opportunities and automates the sales process. The flow of information about clients’ interest in the service is by the defined sales process and flows through the entire phase of the process, transparently, all the way to completion of sales.

Campaign Management
For this whole process to work well, we have paid special attention to the campaigns and now they are of better quality and measurable. In this regard, a sophisticated module has been created that allows the customer to create and schedule campaigns. The module collects data from various sources, allows creation and scheduling campaigns, customer segmentation, analysis and tracking of responses to various campaigns that are previously delivered. A campaign can start on one channel (for example, on an Instagram profile) and then be implemented on the other (email), depending on the affinity of the client. All campaign results are stored in one location, which allows for a unique performance and success monitoring system. The user adapts the campaign to the client’s affinities, designs the content of the campaign for digital channels, performs customer segmentation, schedules campaign execution, responds to successful notifications campaigning and implementing a contact policy.

-Sales process control
-A larger number of processed sales requirements
-Monitoring the results of employees and insight into the business of all branches
-Possibility of customer segmentation when placing campaign
-Created campaigns with custom content for the client and tracking results

“Selecta allowed us to get to know the customer better and reduce it significantly the time it takes to serve customers who call or come to the branch. Also, setting sales goals is transparent and has a positive impact on employee motivation. Besides the sales process automation, Selecta has enabled us to automate campaign management, in addition to precise metrics and coverage of all channels on which the client appears. Not only that now we know our clients better, we can already send them the right one offer at the right time on their preferred channel.”
Petar Blagojević Managing Director | Filip Travel