Big Data platform based on
leading open source technologies

What is Belvedere?

Belvedere is a Big Data platform based on leading open source technologies, which we tailor to the needs of specific organizations in the process of analyzing events, trends, and anomalies in everyday work. Belvedere is a standardized platform based on the choice of elements that make it up, automated implementation processes, and a defined work methodology. Unlike commercial products that are profiled according to a certain functional domain or branch of industry, targeting a large number of users, Belvedere focuses on the specifics of one organization, with the desire to get the most, most important, and meaningful from the available data of that organization. This approach requires maximum trust, which we justify by openness and continuous documentation of all technical details of the implemented solution. Insight is gained through interaction with graphically presented historical data. The user intuitively and easily manages, searches compare, and adjusts the level of displayed details, although it maneuvers a large set of data, which is constantly updated from numerous sources, usually very different in form of information, organizational competence, or location.

Functionalities of the platform

Technical characteristics of the platform

The platform is based on the Apache Kafka and Elastic Stack product groups. Criteria for the selection of tools and technologies used in the technical solution are: