App Dynamics

Manage the new demands of the application ecosystem.
How would you like to be able to connect application performance and customer experience to business outcomes? To bridge the infamous gap between IT performance and business KPIs? To speed up the digital transformation in the company?

Your application is the foundation of your business. Together with Cisco, we provide real-time monitoring, business insights, automated anomaly detection and end-to-end visibility into the entire application stack. Spend less time fixing issues and more time driving innovation.


Get a clear real-time view into the health of your business

Get complete visibility into every line of code and important transactions across multi-cloud environments.
Create superior experiences by monitoring where customers are connecting with your business most.
Monitor the servers and databases critical to supporting application performance.
Quickly get a clear, visualized real-time view / dashboard of the health of your business with Business iQ.

AppDynamics is a #1 solution for Application Performance Management today. It is placed in the Gartner APM leaders quadrant for eight consecutive years because it has premium ability to execute and a vision to follow and lead every customer through the digital business era. These are the things that AppDynamics is bringing to the table


Application Performance Monitoring:

Actively monitor, analyze and optimize complex application environments at scale.


Business Performance Monitoring

Visualize revenue paths and correlate customer and app experience to find and fix app issues.


End User Monitoring

Optimize key business transactions with a complete view of the customer journey.


Infrastructure Visibility

Complete visibility across servers, network and containers whether on premises or in the cloud.



AI-powered insights and automated actions coupled with our vision forward with Cisco.


Cloud Migration and Monitoring

Enterprise-grade visibility and insights to monitor cloud-native technologies in real time.


Every part of the business and every role in the company can greatly benefit from deep insights that AppDynamics can offer:

IT Operations:
Proactively identify and resolve IT operational issues before they impact business.
App Development:
Gain real-time visibility and determine root cause of application performance issues. Protect and optimize the end-user experience of your mobile applications.
Gain insights into how our tools can help drive real success for your business.
Business Owner:
See instantaneously how applications are impacting your customer experience and business.


Pinpoint root cause of code issues without touching the source code

See Deep Code Insights for rapid software debugging

Visualize real-time business and application performance

See Business iQ

Baseline performance and automate remediation

Baseline performance and automate remediation